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>> shepard: brand new trouble for toyota. now word of an email before the vehicle recall and it is revealing. plus, new developments in the race to save the miners. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> coal mine something a way of life for our families around here. >> shepard: when disaster strikes, folks here pull together. >> these are very, very strong people. >> shepard: crews have drilled. >> they cut through 1,093 feet. >> they have signaled. >> we banged on the pipe for 15 minutes or so. >> shepard: and all the while families have waited for news. >> it's just a sad situation. >> shepard: tonight, the latest development in the disaster at the mine. plus, leader vs. leader. tonight, reports of a simmering feud between president obama and the afghan president harmid karzai. all of this while tens of thousands of american troops are over there fighting a war first from fox this wednesday night, coal mining, it's connected to each and every one of us across this great nation. according to government accounts, half of the electricity we use in this country comes f
remain unstable. meteorologists. >> toyota has agreed to pay a maximum fine rather than go to court. t.j. winnick has more. >> according to the federal parliament, toyota knew about the problems of sudden accelerations and the brake pedals by september, but waited until january to tell regulators. later today the automobile giant agreed to pay a $16.4 million fine, for the maximum civil penalty allowed. >> this is a black eye for toyota because it shows the company did not care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> while the company is likely to admit no wrongdoing, by paying the full civil penalty, it is accepting responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of law. >> it was once considered invincible and has taken a fall. >> its chief executive testified before congress and insisted the company had not tried to hide anything. >> in the name of the company, it has a longstanding tradition of pride, we never run away from problems or pretend not to notice them. >> federal officials say they would have levied a fine of $14 billion, had it been
. >> shepard: nothing you can do about that in just the past 24 hours, toyota announced another recall, its second in a week. it also agreed to pay the largest fine ever for a car company for fail to tell regulators about problems with sticking gas pedals. that's, of course, on top of the 8 million vehicles toyota has already recalled. it may look like a public relations disaster. but, as it turns out, sales are up. drivers are still buying to its. phil keating is live in our florida newsroom tonight. what's the deal here? >> well, shep, one big reason that toyota's u.s. sales in march jumped 41% over march '09 was historic buyer incentives worth about $2,300 per vehicle. yet, every toyota customer we spoke with, one after another, said good toyota news or bad toyota news it just doesn't matter. they just love the brand. >> jeff, call on 700. >> you could call leann mcgrapth toyota's quintessential customer. >> it's nice. >> she says she has owned six or seven to its so far. her two sons own to its. and now she is shopping for another one. >> i just feel they are safe. they are proven time
a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
in the northbound lanes. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota. please visit back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. >>> today is the official mail in your census form day. with less than 12 hours to go, some people are rushing to get them in, including president obama, who was seen here filling out his form this morning. andrea fujii explains why this is so important. >> the census only happens once every 10 years. and with that, the federal government divvies up money. >> reporter: census workers would like to say all of these people are mailing in their census forms. but so far, only 45% of baltimore residents have done so. >> oh. is this the last day? >> yeah. >> oh. i didn't know that. >> reporter: but luckily, ruby smith was already on her way to send hers in. about $400 billion is at stake for maryland, money that will go to fund public schools, senior centers, and public works projects. it will also determine maryland's seats in the house of representatives. >> reporter: baltimore firefighters are also urging people to send in their c
orkhertec® products ...ande yo vitam ip. 0%ur. keep yr >>> another toyota recall to tell you about. the car maker says it's recalling about 600,000 see ena minivans. toyota says spare tire cables could snap from corrosion, if driving, the spare tire could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. toyota says prolonged exposure to road salts could cause the cables to corod. >>> the pilots who survived this crash wants everyone to know he's okay. a camera mounted on the raisin plane captured the accident. the pilot says it happened so quickly, he's not sure what went wrong. he was practicing for a weekend race when the right wing clipped the water surface and flipped over. he was treated for whiplash injuries. >>> "discovery" is heading home. before sealing the hatches between the spacecraft, the seven shuttle flyers and six people on the spaceation exchanged bear hugs. it could be a long time before so many people are together in space. only three more shuttle flights are planned. they'll have crews of six instead of seven. they're due to land monday morning at
of cars, toyota is now madly searching for answers to its latest safety problem, this with that suv. take a look at this video from consumer reports. the company is trying to figure out why it rolled over in a test, and consumer reports put out that really unusual alert about the don't buy rating for this thing. let's talk about what it means to toyota's bottom line as well. jon: a bank robber who thought he'd get away with the perfect crime until he met up with the guy behind him. a hero who foiled the bank robbery, we'll talk to him next. jane: in the heart of ak pull countero in -- acapulco, six people were killed, five hit with stray bullets, about a dozen cars shot up, the victims, none appeared to be tourists, most were innocent bystanders on the street. investigators in mexico aren't sure what led to the shooting but acapulco has seen its share of drug violence. jon: he is a pulitzer prize winning war photographer who has just updated his resume, now he is also a crime fighter, the gentleman from the beard there was standing in mine -- in line, minding his own business at a wells f
gx 460 suv. toyota suspended sales of the lexus suv last night after consumer reports announced its tests indicated the vehicles are a rollover risk and advised people flat out not to buy them. nbc's jeff rossen joins us from chicago. so, jeff, what's the latest on the federal safety officials getting involved and what is toyota saying now? >> reporter: right. toyota is now saying they're just trying to identify and analyze the problem. toyota was shell shocked i think as consumers were, we all were by this. "consumer reports" incredibly rare that they would come out with a do not buy warning for consumers. often they say this car is better than that car but to flat out say don't buy this car because it's dangerous is something in a new league. the last time they did it was 2001. toyota of course, tamron, under incredible pressure with the gas pedal controversy and critics who say they didn't respond fast enough to that. within hours of "consumer reports" coming out with this warning to consumers, they, themselves, put a stop sales order to their dealerships nationwide. you can't go
they don't think any of the kids ingested the drugs. >>> and more trouble for toyota. the automaker is recalling 600,000 sienna minivans made between 1998 and 2010, this year. toyota says too much exposure to road salt may cause the cable holding the spare tire to fall, putting nearby vehicles in danger. toyota says it's working on the problem and advises owners to bring their siennas into dealers for an inspection. >>> well, they think they have found the piece of a meteor in wisconsin. scientists -- you see some video here -- but there was a fireball in the sky last week. now university of wisconsin add madison scientists say they believe they have found a fragment from a meteor. now, it lit up the sky earlier this week. i believe it was on wednesday. now a man has found a peanut-sized rock that he says hit the roof of his home. here's a look at some of the video once before. now, this is a big deal to amateur astronomers and scientists, a rare event to get ahold of possibly a piece of a meteor. you have people out there who market and collect these things, who sell and trade thes
, hundreds of crashes, and, a massive fine for safety violations, for toyota, it seems like there is more bad news every day. so why are sales booming? for the automaker? and, many of you watched the story unfold live, here on "happening now" a texas man, crashes his light plane, into an irs building in austin texas. now the 911 calls from that terrifying day, are out. we'll play some of them, in just three minutes. >> witnessed a plane crashing on 183 southbound... we think it hit a building, the echelon building. >> a plane... >> yes. a private plane. [ female announcer ] grass stains, believe it or not, i have missed you. pollen in the air kept hunter cooped up itching his eyes and sneezing. but now i found zyrtec®. it's #1 allergist recommended. with children's zyrc® he can get 24-hour allergy relief indoors and outdoors. ♪ now he can run wild... with the rest of the pack. with children's zyrtec®, he can love the air®. and now try children's zyrtec® perfect measure®. a premeasured spoon. just twist squeeze and go™. it says that when you buy whoa grand caravan,? a premeasured spo
its future should be? we'll be sharing some of your views. >>> noir another toyota recall to tell you about. they're recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. spare tire cables could snap from corrosion. if that happened while you're driving, the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. this recall only affects siennas in cold-weather states. prolonged exposure to road salts could cause the corrosion. >>> the pilot who survived this wants everyone to know he's okay. he's also thanking the rescue crews who rushed to thank him when his plane crashed into australia's swan river. a camera mounted on the plane captured that accident. you just saw it. the pilot said it happened so quickly he's not sure what went wrong. he was practicing for a weekend race when his right wing clipped water surface and flipped over. he was treated for whiplash injuries. >>> space shuttle "discovery" is heading home. it left international space station a few hours ago. before sealing the hatches between spacecraft, the seven shuttle flyers and six people on the space station exchang
very much. >>> and hits keep coming for toyota. a voluntary recall of minivans. the company says a spare tire may come loose and fall on to the road creating a dangerous situation for other drivers. this recall applies to all minivans bought between 1998 and 2010. if you own one of those vehicles bring it to a dealer for inspection. in the past few months, toyota has recalled over 8 million vehicles worldwide. >> the crew of the space shuttle had s heading home to earth closing it's hatches and undocking from the international space station. during the mission astronauts did three spacewalks including one to install a new ammonia tank. they are set to return to earth monday morning, depending on the weather. >> gregg: former new york congressman eric massa saying someone forged a $40,000 check to his chief of staff. federal campaign records now show that the check was written to joe lacalto before massa resigned suddenly last month. massa is saying that it was based on misrepresentations to campaign officials. he is among several staffers accusing the former congressman of sexual
. >>> still to come in the "newsroom," days before toyota's massive recall in january, a warning to the company from one of the executives. we'll go live to new york to find out what this internal memo had to say. john is a ford and lincoln mercury service technician. very smart. we were just discussing the circumstances by which a person can find himself in four separate places at one time. i didn't really say that. but people come in here for tires, brakes, batteries and oil changes. so it's possible? yes. oh that's brilliant. buy with confidence. thanks to our low price tire guarantee. so, with everything you need in one convenient place why would you go to four separate places? now that's a good question. well, there you go. >>> two hours into the trading day. let's get a quick market check for you right now. you know, it's not just the dow that is down. the nasdaq is down as well. could you give me a number on the nasdaq? i forgot it already. the dow is down 29 points. again, down eight, the nasdaq is down eight. two hours into the trading day. we'll follow both sets of numb
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news just into cnn and it involves toyota. it is just coming off the wires. toyota will apparently pay up for taking too long to come clean on one of its recalls, we're being told. the government says toyota knew it had a problem with sticky gas pedals in september, but didn't do a recall until january. toyota has until tomorrow to accept or contest a $16.4 million fine. again, this is just coming in. and here's what a senior transportation official is telling cnn, that the company has indicated it will -- it will pay the fine. so we'll update you on this breaking news story. again, toyota is going to have to pay up to about $16 million. make sure you tune in tomorrow morning for "american morning." they'll have the very latest for you, 6:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >>> meantime, five major airlines promise they won't charge you for carry-on bags, this according to senator chuck schumer of new york. the news comes after spirit airlines announced it was adding carry-on fees. schumer said he personally got american, delta, jetblue, united and us airways to promise that they won't follow suit
or so, officials from toyota have now reported that they are taking one of their very popular models off the market after an extremely rare warning from "consumer reports" magazine. it says do not buy the lexus gx 460. toyota owns the upscale lexus brand. "consumer reports" says the suv has a problem with its stabilization system. in short, it could just roll over. drivers for the magazine reported a fishtail effect that could cause the vehicle to upend itself. toyota now reports it will at least for now stop selling the gx 460. we're told the company will conduct its own tests on the suv and then decide what to do next. toyota is already suffering a bruised reputation after it recalled millions upon millions of vehicles because of the problems with their accelerators. now to the adoption outrage and word that the woman who sent back her adopted son with a note attached did it even while she was trying to get another child for adoption. the report comes from abc news information from sources at the sheriff's department. remember the woman in shelbyville, tennessee adopted this kid from r
to see you. >>> ats record fine that toyota says it will not fight. they will assign the appropriate paperwork accepting the government's $16.4 million fine for failing to promptly notify the government of its sticky pedal problem. a senior department official adds the agreement does not release the automaker from any potential criminal or civil liability related to the defect. toyota will have 30 days to pay that fine. >>> well, it's caused all kinds of trouble across the globe. now, our gary tuchman is taking us for a flight over that icelandic volcano. he is looking right into the eye of this thing, ex froetraordina pictures you haven't seen before. stay with us. pacific life can help provide a dependable income you can enjoy for the rest of your life. because retirement could be a very long ride. ask your financial professional about pacific life. pacific life...the power to help you succeed. >>> i want to give you breaking news in from iraq. according to nuri al maliki, two major militant figures have been killed there. one is the leader of al qaeda in iraq. the other is the lea
things and they all work. >> toyota buckles up and bears down in the face of another public relations headache. we'll tell you why a consumers group is urging people to not buy this luxury suv model. >>> toyota takes another hit. consumer reports is issuing a stern warning to car buyers not to buy the lexus gx 460. stephanie elam in new york to explain why. it's one problem after another for toyota. >> seriously, kyra. as far as "consumer reports" is concerned this particular issue is a serious one. the magazine put a don't buy warning on the lexus gx 460 suv and it hasn't used that warning in nine years. the problem is safety. "consumer reports" found the suv has a high risk of roll overs. the electronic stability control failed to keep the vehicle in line during tests. as for tote a it's going to try to duplicate the tests, but in the meantime the automaker says the 2010 gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal requirements. >> toyota is already dealing with a pr nightmare because of january's recall, i mean, 8 million vehicle. what does the latest wrinkle mean for the company? >> well,
the 2010 lexus gx460 by toyota can spin out, actually spin out in tight turns and can roll over. the magazine is urging people not to buy that particular suv until the problem has been fixed. in a statement, toyota says it is concerned about that finding and will look into it, adding, quote, the gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >>> in west virginia, the focus shifts from recovery to investigation. early this morning crews brought out the last nine bodies of the 29 miners killed and yesterday afternoon, one week after the explosion. a memorial for the miners at the state capital. a moment of silence and expressions of gratitude. >> all of the people who came forward to help during that period of time, all of the people that gave of themselves and so much to make sure that they could ease the pain. >> no word yet on when investigators will go inside the upper big branch mine. a couple offed spacecraft almost became their floating tomb. apollo 13 astronauts remember their unlucky mission 40 years ago this week. >>> a spring snowstorm targets the
-february. martha: toyota sales, despite all their problems, are booming. they've had recalls, they've had safety issues, they have had fines, and the japanese cars are still selling apparently like hot cakes. phil keating joins us from miami, trying to figure this out. phil, it is remarkable, it seems like everybody day you're hearing about another recall from this company. they just had a really strong month, right? >> reporter: yeah, february actually for toyota was one of its worst months ever but the company really bounced back in march with u.s. sales shooting up 41 percent, compared to march '09. generous incentives for all of the vehicles sold and leased. that's a big explanation, that amounted to about $2300 per vehicle. now, toyota's latest recall involving about 9000 lexus gp460s. toyota says about 5600 of them have been sold and repairs should take an hour. this is the vehicle consumer reports identified last week as maybe sussentable to -- susceptible to flipping over. one dealer explains toyota's perseverance through all this recent bad press with customers continuing to come into t
the manufacturer must by law provide you with basic information about it. just look at toyota right now. it's in big trouble because the government says it failed to tell customers about problems with sticky gas pedals. the same thing with goldman sachs. the government says it broke the law when it sold investment products to two european banks since 2007. and that it did not tell them basic required information. the products were securities backed by billions in subprime mortgages. goldman did not tell the banks that a very savvy investment manager john paulson helped to create the securities and then turned around and made bets they would eventually blow up. which they did. it was financial car wreck. costing the banks more than a billion dollars. paulson's firm made about a billion. the government says if goldman had told the banks about paulson's involvement, they might have thought twice. >> the key was misrepresentation that would have called the buyer not buy security or considered it an important factor whether or not to purchase it. >> now some charge the administration weft after
, including toyota claims the increased costs will have to be absorbed by them. >> one of our edicts is to make sure that we stay inexpensive, or at least something our customers can afford. >> reporter: efficiency and economy. a concept bothar makers -- both car makers makers and car buyers are looking for. >>> and oil prices have been stuck in the $70 to $85 a barrel range for month. and those are expected to get higher as the summer gets closer. >>> it was a great day to get outside, all around maryland today. perfect time to break out the short sleeves in ellicott city. that's downtown ellicott city. and an equally beautiful city in downtown. wjz has your updated first warning weather. meteorologist tim williams joins us now in the weather center with the latest. >> the grass at paterson park looks to be like the grass vmplet people floating under this very, very warm air now. we're looking at temperatures around 70 degrees. coming down from a daytime high. we did get to a final of 73. we're at 70. 39% relative humidity. with a southeasterly wind at 9 miles per hour. at 30.03. an
report is expected later today. >>> toyota facing a record fine of $16 million for not telling u.s. officials quickly enough about those safety problems with sticky gas pedals. the transportation department said toyota hid a dangerous defect for months from u.s. officials. under federal law automakers must notify nhtsa in determining a safety defect exists. the fine is the maximum allowed by law and toyota could face additional fines. >>> a judge appointed to hear the case of michael jackson's doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter. michael jackson's mother, father and three sisters were in court as conrad murray's case was assigned. the next court date has been set for june 14th. >>> an update on that dramatic rescue of the 2-year-old toddler who fell into new york city's east river this weekend. her father, david anderson, he jumped into the river to save his daughter bridget. by the time he dove in, there was another good samaritan, a frenchman in the water. david anderson spoke exclusively to matt lauer on the "today" show and described the moment. >> we didn't have a c
and tuesday. >>> deleterious sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> every night, it is like a groundhog day. >> the caps are on the eyes, the main topic of conversation. they have been asked about us for the media. >> it is not working because we are playing players as individuals rather than as one unit. until they realize that, it is going to keep going over. we play as a five-man unit, not as one man individually trying to score. >> one of the best stories in the stanley cup playoffs has been the philadelphia flyers. they had to win their last season game, and the fires have taken -- takenbouchet -- brian bouchet as they beat montreal to move on. let's go to baseball. stephen strasberg, he is lights out. they told the aaa plhilly -- philly to 1 hit. 17 strikeouts, and is very comfortable throwing 99 miles an hour. unbelievable. can't wait to see him at national's park. they have given up 21 runs in those two. you need a hot pitcher. one of the best practical jokes of the year, his game-winning home run, he was fired up. they surprised him, and
the meeting his father on death row. >> and we have details on the lexus warning. toyota is taking a closer look at suv safety. >> it's going to be another picture-perfect day. it >> 5:10 on this thursday morning. adam caskey downtown in chinatown. the playoffs kickoff against montreal at home tonight at 7:00 p.m. we had our franchise regular- season. it will be incredible. the best of seven kicks off tonight to downtown. 50 degrees downtown. if the game is going to be indoors, so the weather does not clearly that. it's much cooler elsewhere. adams town is 36 degrees. the naval air station is 46 degrees. in the district, 50 degrees. it is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-70s's this afternoon. even norman tomorrow. -- warmer tamela. >> 95 virginia northbound, north of the rappahannock, a tractor- trailer jackknifed, ruptured its fuel tank and lost its rear axle. only one lane gets by on the interstate. you cannot exit from about three fredericksburg onto i-95 north. they've closed the exit ramp. ronald 1 is already jammed because this accident has been working for over an hour or. all t
nasa announcement. >> we have details about the warning about lexus. today toyota is taking a closer look at sport-utility vehicle safety. >> backups on the beltway and on 95 >> welcome back to good morning washinton on this thursday. adam caskey outside the verizon center. tonight the capitals will kick off the playoffs against the montreal canadiens. we did we and our first president strophic, having the best record in league with 54 victories. this is a franchise high for the washington capitals. we had many firsts this season. it's 51 degrees downtown. we are rocking the red. we are looking over the district. looking east. the sun is getting ready to rise over the verizon at 6:30. some temperatures in the 40's and upper 30's this morning. a lot of sunshine and mid 70's today. mid 80's tomorrow, partly cloudy. a few showers late friday night and early saturday morning. cooler for the weekend. >> challenges include out of tyson into bethesda, the inner loop at the beltway. we will show you why. accident after the american legion bridge, but before river road. notice the headlights
with that is almost impossible. >> it's truly perplexing. >>> the u.s. government is seeking to punish toyota for failure to act swiftly over its gas pedal issues. transportation secretary ray lahood is proposing that toyota pay a record fine of nearly $16.4 million after it, quote, knowingly hid a dangerous defect. documents show toyota knew about the defect back in september of last year but waited until late january to issue the recall. toyota still faces private lawsuits which could cost the automaker untold millions more in damages. that's a huge fine. >>> tiger woods took questions during a live news conference yesterday for the first time since his personal scandal broke back in november. woods talked about his affairs, his thanksgiving night accident and his wife, elin, who will not be joining him on the course. he also denied using performance enhancing drugs and discussed how he's looking forward to getting back on the course. >> that first tee i'm looking forward to it. i haven't looked forward to that tee shot in a long time. i've won numerous tournaments over the last few years,
. toyota brake troubles, aggressive incentives helped drive consumers to show rooms. and price wars between general motors andoyota paid off. g.m.'s core brand, buick, cadillac, chevy, gmc, saw nearly a 38% increase in sales. toyota sales jumped 35%. the company is speeding to rebuild trust and confidence following a massive recall for gas, pedal and brake problems and rolled out strong incentives to win customers. >> consumers are very smart, savvy. listen, circumstances are such. here is my maim and number. i want a toyota and willome in and buy it. when they announced the program, come on in. that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: ford sales increased nearly 35%. but the company did not compete in the incentives war. instead ford decreed the boost to strong demand for fusion and taurus brands. >> ford continues to be red hot. ford accrued a goodwill momentum by not going bruptd and american consumer or brand that normally would have taken billions of decades to build up. >> reporter: all positive signals that the struggling auto industry bogged down a year ago by flat-line sales and
.com/shep. another recall for toyota today. the automaker announcing it will bring in nearly 10,000 suvs to repair a problem that could cause rollovers. last week the magazine "consumer reports" gave a rare don't buy rating to the new lexus gx 460. toyota owns the lexus brand. also today toyota agreed to pay a fine of $16 million for failing to tell the u.s. government about problems with accelerator pedals. according to the associated press, that's the largest fine any automaker has ever paid to the government. the company released a statement denying that it broke any laws. president obama is headed here to new york city to make his case for wall street reform. democrats say it will protect americans from financial shenanigans. but republicans claim it will guarantee more taxpayer bailouts. we are live at the white house to separate. remember that miracle at the mines in china? 115 or so people rescued after eight days? the question now is was it really a rescue? notice anything particular about that picture in the cube? look at the man who is supposedly been in the mine for eight days. guess he
is looking forward to getting back in the air. well, four the latest toyota trouble. the car maker says it's testing all of its suvs, all of them. after "consumer reports" rated one lexus model don't buy. toyota owns lexus. it's already stopped selling the 2010 gx 460. and it reports it's debating whether to recall it. "consumer reports" indicate the test drive of the suv found a problem with stability control that could cause a rollover. toyota reports it's trying to duplicate those tests to figure out what went wrong. still a few hours left to file your taxes. all this week we have been showing you how the government spends your money. tonight, a look at how it may be able to save you some cash. and it's your chance to vote in our online poll. should the mom who sent her 7-year-old son -- adoptive son back to russia face charges? go to tell us what you think. the results later in this newscast. anwr al >> shepard: feds are calling it largest immigrant smuggling raid in this nation. hundreds of agents hitting the streets in four different towns in arizona. immigration of
. and another one of the high mileage traditional cars. like the toyota prius. the prius gets a lot of people to go into the toyota showrooms, but a lot by the camry or corolla. >> how much did he change the management.ç when he came in september, he ousted a company insider. and whitaker doesn't come from autos. he comes from telecom. so did he really change the culture? did he live up to his promise we want to eliminate the bureaucrats see -- burke se bureaucracy of s company. >> exactly. they didn't interact a lot with the rank-and-file workers. and whitakerç goes down to the cafeteria, the company headquarters, and mixes with average workers. he is not a car guy. he did very well at at&t. he understands the numbers. he gives executives assignments and says get it done or i'll move you out. he is not going to put up with failure. >> how much do you think the news today reflects, again, g.m., versus improved fortunes forç the u.s. auto industry as a whole? >> the good news is people are buying cars. the auto sales rate is going up substantially. two million units a year over last year
about toyota's troubles. but what happens with the millions of other cars made by other companies that have been recalled but never repaired? could you be driving one of them and not even know it? we'll tell you how to find out. >> lexus being recalled, as well. >>> we're going to start with the video causing outrage this morning. it appears to show riot police in maryland, wailing on a student, who is doing nothing more than celebrating a basketball victory. that has the fbi's attention. and pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: march 3rd, near the university of maryland's campus, after a big basketball win over duke. students break out in the streets to celebrate, with some getting rowdy, pulling down signs, as one of them takes this video. watch what happens when this student, who at first is doing a silly dance, apparently gets too close to this mounted officer. police pounce, slamming the student against the wall. you can hear the sound of the batons hitting, as the police deliver blow after blow, on 21-year-old john mckenna. justifiable force? or was this excessive? an unprov
was fuelled by huge incentives from toyota in an effort to overcome gas pedal problems. that spurred a price war with gm. ford also saw big business but it credits increased demand for the fusion and taurus cars. one analysts says ice a sign that the economy is on the rod to recovery. >> what we're seeing is we're seeing a turn in the auto industry that is sustainable. >> not all american auditoriums fared so well. >>> maryland has reported its 45th death from swine flu. state health officials say a man from the baltimore area died within the past week. a recent spike in severe cases in the southeast have many experts warning that the h1n1 virus is not gone. there's still time for you to get vaccinated. >> reporter: despite sounds of spring, for many doctors this means the waiting room is filling up with allergy patients. but there's another reason people are heang to the doctor. >> it takes you off guard to see flu in the 70 degree weather. >> reporter: this doctor is a family physician in charlotte, north carolina one of the most allergy cities in southeast. but there's a spike in h1n1 cas
last month, 30% mo, in fact. some of the credit from that can be given to toyota. they offered a lot of incentives because of all their problems with gas pedals. they got into a price war with general motors. ford saw a jump in business, but ford people credit higher than normal demand for their fusion and taurus cars. one analyst says the surge in sas is a sign the struggling industry is finally on the road to recovery. >> what we are seeing right now, and i believe we are seeing a turn in the auto industry that is sustainable. >> reporter: chrysler was the only one that didn't do well. their sales dropped by 11% in march. >>> washington's catholic archbishop washed the feet of 12 people tonight to commemorate holy thursday. the mass of the last supper was held in the cathedral in northwest. the washing of feet is meant to an act of humility similar to christ washing the disciples feet at the last meal they shared with him. >>> we know we are going to like what you say, veronica. >> say it again. >> it's going to be incredibly nice across the area for the entire weekend coming up. m
the asian car companies made better cars. surprisingly this poll goes a lot of areas and shows that toyota's reputation has taken a big hit. premature rust, suvs that roll over, 8 million car recalled. a quarter of those polled believed toyota was the maker of the best car on the market. now only 15% believe so. ford's reputation, shepard, is almost doubled since 2006. 18% of those polled pointed to ford as the maker of the best car, they get points for a good, fuel-efficient car and they didn't take bailout money. gm steady at 18%. chrysler has a problem. 3% of those polled believe that chrysler makes the best auto out there. as a sign of economic times, 60% of the cars sold in america today are used cars. >> shepard: interesting. brian wilson. thank you. >>> we're asking you today over at what you think and what your next car will be. made in america or somewhere else. you can influence this very much. the question is, will the next car you buy be made in america? if you notice the video in the window, it will show how the elevators work. i know you kno
the winter blues. toyota, ford, honda and gm all reported huge gains over this time last year. ford and toyota reported gains over 40% whilegm and honda reported sales increases of 20%. chrysler was the one big automaker to report bad news as sales falling about 8%. j.d. power and associates estimates that overall vehicle sales in the u.s. rose 23% in march. >>> ahead on "news4 at 4:00," need information online? topeka it. >> we will tell you why google decided to change its name. >>> more than obvious chemicals in pesty tides around your house that could poison your pet. >> don't forget about twitter and facebook. we are always posting updates and breaking news. you can find us on both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." >>> if you have been on google today, you may have noticed that the popular search engine changed its name to topeka, as in topeka, kansas. officials at google, now to pea can a, say it was difficult to give up the hugely recognizable google brand but popular search engine is transitioning to this new name. if you are falling for this, you forget this is april fool
. thank you. >>> the "associated press" reports toyota executive wrote an internal e-mail that the company needed to, "come clean" about accelerator problems just five days before it announced a massive recall. a.p. says toyota warned european, russian, and middle eastern distributors about the problems months before it notified american regulators. general morl motors says it los $4.3 billion in the last half of 2009 as it struggled to repay government loans and emerge from bankruptcy, but they say there is a chance it will be profitable this year. the nation's largest auto maker reports a large gain in domestic market share in the first three months of 2010. >>> stocks were down today. the dow lost 72.5. the s&p 500 dropped 7. nasdaq gave back 5 2/3. >>> one of president obama's top economic advisors paul volcker is talking about a controversial new tax to help battle the deficit. fox business network correspondent peter barnes is here to tell us about the value-added tax. otherwise known as the v.a.t. good evening, peter. what is the v.a.t.? >> well, it's basically a national sales tax
? right now it looks like you can still get in on some of the deals but you have to act fast. >>> toyota posted a sale of 41% for the month of march. the executives say it will continue on in april. which tracks auto pricing expects others to follow suit. gm and other automakers saw overall car sales rise by 24%. >>> youtube is getting a makeover. 10% of users can see the new simplified format right now. it will roll out the redesign wednesday for everybody else. many of the elements have been relocated, others have changed and many new tools have been added. >>> hyundai has a gimmick that's sure to appeal to a lot of tech lovers. it will have an ipad in lieu of a printed owner's manual. hyundai hopes to sell about 3,000 of the luxury cars this year. a cool new feature, the ipad will schedule your service appointments for you. a service attendant will pick up the car from the owner and leave a loaner. they are also offering home test drives, all about the customer bhaking you feel good. >> hyundai and luxury never used to go together. >> the quality has gone up in the last
. >> other stories new this morning at 14 minutes past the hour. toyota's faulty gas pedals bring on the largest fine ever imposed to the auto industry. the automaker is expected to agree to pay the government more than $16 million for waiting four months before reporting problems. >> you'll love this. five major airlines backing off plans to charge passengers for carry-on bags. spirit airlines recently announced a $45 fee to store bags, yes, in the overhead bins. chuck schumer got involved. he got delta and jetblue to promise they will not follow suit. he is meeting with spirit's ceo tomorrow. >> we actually had him on the show and talking about that whole thing and christina did a little breakdown of what you're getting when you fly these days. >> unbelievable. >> but we're talking about goldman sachs and the sec accusing this huge bank of fraud. >> a fraud charge for goldman sachs, a company that has minted money over the past 15 months, a company that took bailout money over a year ago, now charged with fraud by the sec. this story is just getting started. the drama started to
.s. made cars superior to asian models. the shift ohing in part to -- owing in part to troubles with toyota. brian wilson live in washington on this one. how are opinions changing? >> reporter: americans now believe by a modest margin that american car companies make better quality cars than do the asian companies. % of those polls said american car companied made the best cars. you have to compare that with numbers from a similar poll in 2006. it's a shocking change. back then 29% of those believed american car companies made the best cars and 46% believed asian car companies made the better cars. that's quite a turn around *. we have a non-scientific pole on if you want to weigh in on what you think. megyn: who are the big wirns and losers. >> reporter: not surprisingly toyota is the big loser. 8 million cars recalled. that's caused toyota to take a 10-point hit. ford's reputation has surged the most. 18% said ford was the maker of the best car. ben roethlisberger may not be facing charges for the alleged sexual assault of two women but he may be paying a price. captioning mad
.p. sources reporting now that toyota is issuing yet another recall. this time, it's the 2010 lexus gx460 suv, citing potential rollover problems. i believe that this is the model that toyota just stopped production of recently. it could also be the model that there was a consumer reports warning on don't buy. we're going to try to nail that down. in any event the bottom line is this model of toyota, of lexus, is now being recalled by the company, the 2010 lexus gx460suv, more on that moments away. >>> well, we are trying to bring you an update on the state of the race down in florida that the entire nation is watching and phil keating is following it for us. tried to get to him moments ago, the vice president came out. this is what he's reporting on, former massachusetts governor mitt romney now addressing speculation that florida's charlie crist, the governor down there, may be possibly running for senate now as an independent. he's getting pummeled in the primary against marco rubio, leading some to say he's about to take drastic measures, becoming an independent, to try to get into the se
you. for all of toyota's problems the reports of sudden acceleration, the recalls of millions of vehicles. tonight, a brighter spot for the japanese automaker. it reports u.s. sales sored last month in response to some unprecedented discounts to try to win back its customers. gerri willis from the fox business network is live with us to take us through the numbers. >> let's start with toyota. that's how were talking about up 41% in terms of march sales mostly because of big-time incentives they gave despite headlines, despite the recalls. ford, too, doing really well here, up 40% in sales. ford could claim that it has some new brands that they are repromoting, in cars, rather than trucks. big change there g.m., up 21%. but if you back out the old lines that they are getting rid of, pontiac and saturn, they were up 43%. really good month for them. but chrysler, the one outlier here down 8%. having a hard time keeping up with all this money being thrown at consumers. they are really having more of a struggle than any other automaker. >> shepard: obviously the bigger the discount
. the nasdaq gave back 12 3/4. >>> a top toyota executive says u.s. sales have surged 40% this month. thanks to heavy discounts in the wake of massive recalls. toyota has been offering 0% financing, low priced leasing, and free maintenance. the auto maker has recalled 8 million vehicles because of acceleration and breaking problems. >>> well, he spent 30 years serving his country. now there are questions about whether a state department employee was serving comone else, too -- serving someone else, too. new york responds to the russian subway bombings. mike mullen said establishing control of kandahar is the key to stopping taliban growing influence. the pakistani army says its soldiers repulsed in attack on check poi point close to afghan border. six soldiers and 25 militants were killed. swiss authorities say they cannot reopen money laundering case against pakistan's president because he has immunity. they revoked blanket amnesty covering thousands of other people from corruption charges. there was another twin suicide bombing in russia today. 12 people were killed in dogastan province an
. acceptpay. invoice digitally. get paid faster. only from american express open. if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> these are the stories that we are following at this hour. >> boston, if anyone knows how to throw a tea party, it is you. >> partying like it's 1773. sarah palin leading a new boston tea party. the kickoff to a series of tax day protests nationwide. >>> president obama trying to keep democrats united would pass a bill to keep wall street in line as republicans claim it just leads to a huge government slush fund. and the toughest antiimmigration law ever. one state passing a bill that advocates for illegal immigrants have said so far goes too far. >>> plus a looming shortage of doctors. could your primary care physician be an endangered species? good day. i'm peter alexander in new york. this breaking news is coming to us from south boston, massachusetts. these are the latest live pi
? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. >>> 9:26 on the east coast. toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine to the u.s. government. for hiding information about faulty gas pedals. the government says toyota knew about the pedal problems in september but did not issue a recall until january. >>> weather has forced nasa to scrap today's landing of the space shuttle "discovery." nasa says they'll make another go at it tomorrow morning in florida. if that doesn't work, they have enough supplies to sty in orbit till wednesday. >>> and five of the nation's biggest airlines say they will not charge fees for carry-on bags after spirit airlines announced plans to charge $45 for each carry-on bag. so american, delta, united, jetblue, and us airways have all told new york senator chuck schumer they will not institute the new fees on carry-on bags at least not for now. >> please, they're just going to hide the fee anyway. they can't charge for fees but suddenly the price of the ticket goes up. we shall see. president obama flies to california today to raise money for
last year. toyota, honda and gm reported gains. ford sales up 43%. toyota was behind with 41% sales increase. honda and gm both reported increases of just over 20%. chrysler was the one dim spot with sales falling about 8%. >> active volcano in southern iceland is getting bigger and the images more spectacular. new brake is about 300 yards long and it opened up yesterday. producing new fountains of hot lava. geologist space it is not proving a threat prove ing a it is something to see. >> really incredible. beautiful. >> especially at nighttime. quite beautiful. >> i told you new york made both the lists. they didn't. they were the ones that paid proportionately less than the other states. >> okay. punishment is you have to fill out your census form. meanwhile, veronica will do the weather while do you that. >> you can probably get it done, barbara in three minutes. don't worry about it. >>> one of my favorite times of the year. i don't know about you but spring -- so nice out there today. with low humidity and the morning temperatures across the area, there is our gorgeous shot. to
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